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Time to Get Outside and ExploraBull!

We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  The end of 100+ degree days are coming close.  If you live in the Phoenix Metro area, or know people who live in the area, and are interested in joining our ExploraBull dog walking group stop on by our Blog  for som up to date information.  Also visit our Facebook page for more up to the minute announcements.   We’re ready to get moving and shakin!


Our little house guest

One day last week I came home from work, did our usually potty routine and let Buddy out into the living room.  I’m in the kitchen and all I can hear is loud, vigorous sniffing.  Walking into the living room I can see Buddy in full point mode sniffing their pink blanket.  My mind starting flooding with thoughts of “what is it?!?”.  Maybe just a cricket but what if it’s a scorpion or even a mouse.  There has to be something good in there.  My heart starts racing but I’m trying to remain calm.  I get near Buddy and think I hear a squeak.  OMG it’s a mouse. There’s a mouse in my house!!!

Buddy smells something good

I put all the dogs in their kennels, last thing I needed to do was clean up mouse guts.  I walk in the room, take a deep breath and toss up the blanket.  Nothing.  Hum… but there HAS to be something in this blanket.  There is no other reason for it.  My mind then switches from mouse mode to scorpion.  I’ve lived here for over 15 years and never have seen one in my own home.  This would be the first.  I take another deep breath and slowly lift the blanket to see the underside.  I squeal and drop it.  There’s something on the underside!!! What was that!?!  I put on my big girl pants and again lift the blanket.  That’s when I see it. 

Oh he’s just a little guy

It was a teeny, tiny little lizard!!!!  I begin to formulate my plan. How to get him OUTSIDE the house without him running off into the rest of the house??  See these little guys are fast and I have a dog who is obsessed with lizards.  Miss Bella will watch them out the back slider and has been known on two occasions to literally jump our 8 ft concrete block wall chasing them.  I decide I’ll just drag the blanket outside and he’d jump right off.  I open the front door wide open and slowly drag it out.  Well Mr Lizard wasn’t having it.  He liked his new soft home.  I don’t want him to run back inside so I shook the blanket out.  Nope.  Not going.  Now I’m pondering looking like the crazy lady with a pink blanket on my porch or hunting for the perfect lizard pushing utensil.  Luckly I don’t have to go far.  There is an advertisement hanging from my front door knob.  Ironically, it was for pest control.  Just gave the little guy a good push and off he went. 

Good luck little guy!


If it had been any other day little lizard wouldn’t have been so lucky. Normally Bella has full run of the house while we’re gone.  But that day we left her in the kitchen only.  If she had been out, boy would she have been happy to have a little snack.

Keepin it fresh and tasty

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Being that it is summer time, and very hot where we live, we have to be creative when it comes to entertaining the adorabully pups. We really can’t take walks until late evening so everyone can get a bit restless.

I’ve tried ice cubes in water, ice cubes as snacks, and even a kiddie pool. All we get is a “are you serious” look and no fun. So I decided to give frozen Kong treats a try. With some creative googling I decided bananas and peanut butter was the trick. Most dog recipes called for yogurt and honey in the mix. Due to our sensitive tummies I decided to ditch those two ingredients. All I used was fresh bananas and peanut butter straight from the jar. Popped the bananas in the food processor, added a little water. When they were about half mashed I added a few tablespoons of peanut butter. I may have added a bit too much water but it worked. Filled all three Kongs almost to the top and stuck a dog treat out the opening as a little incentive. I then popped them in the freezer for a few hours. Once they were hard the pups, who were eagerly awaiting them, dove right in.


I may have gotten a little over ambitious with my batch size. I used 5 whole bananas. Ended up with a lot of extra mix. What’s a mom to do? Why not freeze them into easy to use cubes! I had just bought an ice cube tray a few days earlier so it was super convenient.


I ended up filling the whole tray up. Once they were frozen I just transferred them to a container.


Now I have easy to use frozen treats for the pups. They are a little big for the Kongs so I just cut them in half length wise and they’re perfect! I highly recommend this nice frozen summer treat.

Summer Days

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These hot, long, sunny summer days have made us a bit lazy.  Once the thermometer hits the 100s every day people tend to hide away inside the ice cold AC.  We are included in this trend and sadly it has affected our blogging.  It can get quite mundane staying in until after dark.  Even the pups don’t enjoy going out in this weather.  The are out to potty then quickly begging to be let back in.  We’re lucky to have a nice shaded balcony that we sit out on in the mornings on the weekend but by 11am or so, it’s way too hot to stay out.

Enjoying the cool morning

 These longs days also result in lots of sunshine beaming through the windows.  With the air cranked high the dogs love to find the sunny spots in the house to toast up a bit. They’re also working on their tans for when we go to the lake.  Have to impress the ladies (and gents)

Devo’s getting his tan on

This is her “tough girl” look

But even with all the sunshine occasionally things can get a little boring around here.  We try to keep the dogs entertained with toys and kongs.  But sometimes Mom and Dad get a little bored and the pups have to suffer as a result.  There’s nothing like playing a little dress up to pass the day!! 

Hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze in a few summer time adventures up in the cooler mountains.  In the mean time our posts will be here and there.  But we’ll still be around and once those summer storms start and the weather cools down we’ll sure have many new stories to write about!

It’s alive!! (still…)

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Remember back for Christmas when all the dogs got new collars and toys from Grandma Clause?

Well Buddy and Bella proceeded to slowly kill their toys. Buddy gutted his and played with the carcass for awhile and I think Bella’s was a causality of war (tug of war).


But that Devo, he sure knows how to take care of his stuffies. He carries his around with him every day. When I come home from work he greets me with it in his mouth making his adorable Chewy noises. And to our joy, even the squeaker is still intact.


Even when I went out and found him a new stuffie, he still prefers his good old orange one from grandma.


Is there a pause button?

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We’ve been MIA for a little while now. You might have been wondering where we went. We’re still around but just taking a step back.

It seems like just yesterday I decided to write this blog. It seems like just yesterday I decided to create Explorabull hiking group. It just seems like every good intention I have is road blocked by life. My goal for the rest of this month, and the beginning of next, is to gather my life together. Even the little things make such a huge impact. I lost my camera cord therefore no photos to post. My laptop charger finally kicked it after about 4 years so even if I had my camera cord there is no where to post my photos. We had a few doggie hiccups, but everyone is well now. Just hang around and we’ll be back in full force before you know it.

In the mean time find a comfy spot and just relax.


A Camping We Will Go

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This weekend M and I took the D boy camping for the first time this season. Devo was very excited he could hardly contain it.


Once we get all the photos and video uploaded we’ll post the whole story. It was a wonderful adventure!