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Lately I’ve become a big fan of a few pitbull blogs, Love and a Six Foot Leash , Two Pitties in the City, and a few others and I’ve been inspired to write one about our adventures out here in the South West with a house full of pittie love.  I’ve also decided to write this blog as a form of motivation to get out and be more active in our community. 

We are fortunate to live in a state that has no breed restrictions but we do still have a heavy overpopulation of  pit bull type dogs in our shelters, kennels and rescues.  So much so that rescues are constantly turning away dogs.  One of the causes of our shelter overpopulation is the economy.  Many families are being forced from their homes into rental properties or other family members homes.  Most rental properties do not allow large breed and/or “bully” breed dogs, therefore these dogs end up being given up.  Another aspect of the economy is pure and simple cash. Families are struggling to keep food on the table for themselves and can’t afford to feed their pets. 

We personally do not have the financial nor time resources to start a rescue, though that is a dream of ours.  We do not have the home space to foster at this time.  So we are going to use what resources we do have, ourselves and our dogs.  This will be the story of our journey, our lives, and our puppy tales.

One of our special boys, Devo


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  1. What a fun blog you have. I will enjoy hearing more about their and your adventures.


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