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Saturday Morning Snuggles

Dogs aren’t allowed in bed with Mom and Dad… except on a few special occasions.  One of those is on Saturday mornings when Dad goes to work.  I sleep in and he lets the dogs out to potty and will send one up for some special time. It doesn’t happen every weekend so they really enjoy the time together.

They each have their own style of snuggles that match each of their own personalities.

Buddy likes to sleep like I do.  Right on Dad’s pillow.  He tells me he’s just keeping it warm incase Dad comes back.  I know he really likes Dad’s smell and wishes he was home.


Then there is Bella. She is our dainty girl. Loves to lay under the covers and snuggle like a good girl. Always lays at the foot of the bed right by our feet.


But neither of them knows quite the BEST way to snuggle like Devo does.


He prefers to take up as much of the bed as possible. Sprawl out and snore away. There really isn’t anything better.


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