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For the Good Boys and Girl

Santa had heard how good the dogs had been this year.  Well, at least when the elves were looking.  So Santa was very generous when leaving the pups presents under the Christmas tree.  Santa (Grandma) bought them all new collars fromSirius Republic and new fluffy squeaky toys. 

The dogs each picked out their own pattern that they thought would perfectly match their personalities.  There was a lot of nose prints on the computer screen that day. 

Devo picked out a gorgeous orange argyle.  That surprised us, we didn’t know he was so preppy.  I didn’t think orange would look good with his beautiful red fur.  Devo knew better.   And wouldn’t you know, Santa even brought him a matching orange toy!!

Who knew Red Heads could wear orange??
Buddy picked out his collar right away as well. He knows how ravishing he looks in red.  Black and red are just a perfect combo.  His pirate bandana print was a perfect match.  I knew he’d look adorable.
Beautiful Bella had a much harder time picking out her perfect collar.  Being the fashionista she is, she wanted one for every outfit.  How could she choose?  Pink?  Purple?  Yellow?  or even a daring blue?  Surprisingly she went with a multicolored bone print.  Bella said it would go with ALL her outfits, plus she’s so beautiful on her own anything would look great.

Brown and Multi! The perfect match!!

After they were fully fashioned out the dogs spent some quality time with their new toys.  Devo is a cuddler. He will lick and love and snuggle with his toy.  Never breaking a seem, never killing a squeaker.  It’s his baby.  He’ll even use it as a pacifier. 
Insert snoring sounds
Then there’s Buddy.  The master of destruction.  He would rather “kill” his toy piece by piece until it is just the carcass. From there he will spend hours just carrying the wet, soggy, lifeless toy around everywhere he goes.
Lets make this toy good!!!
Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day cleaning tiny bits of fluff from all around the house.



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