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Getting to Know You (Part 1)

Each of our three dogs has a unique tale to tell.  They all have very unique personalities as well as stories about how they came into our lives.  In the next three posts I am going to share with you their stores.

 To start will little Bella, pronounced Bay A.  Bella joined our lives about 2 ½ years ago and she is about 7 years old now.  Her original dad (let’s call him OD) was relocating and couldn’t take her with him.  Bella was already play friends with Devo and Dad.  It was a perfect fit so she wiggled her way into Dad’s life.  OD is still very much a part of our lives as a very dear friend.  OD is always there to dog sit when we go on vacations and comes to visit occasionally, always spoiling Bella while there. 

What makes Bella so special?  All you have to do is look at that beautiful smiling face to know why.  She is all love. Everything she does is full spirited and joyful.  When you first meet Bella she will introduce herself by showing off her amazing dancing moves.  She will then give you big, wet, full tongue kisses all over.  She will light up any room with her beautiful smile.

Bella is always smiling

Bella does know just how beautiful she is and loves nothing more than to dress up and show off her style.  The first time I brought home a new sweater for her she sat patiently, tail wagging, while I removed the price tags and promptly dressed her.  I knew from that moment on she was going to be a fun girl to play dress up.

Bella will wear anything from girly tulle skirts

Even Mom's comfy hoodies

And motorcycle gear just like Dad


Bella also has a few quirky habits.

Being the fashionista she is, Bella has to maintain her beautiful golden tan.  Just like a cat she finds every inch of available sunlight to bask in during the days.  That warm Southwestern sun just can’t be beat. 

Catching those rays

She loves to drive.  I told her it wouldn’t be easy without thumbs, but she insists every time Dad hops out at a stop when on a road trip.

“I’ve got this! Which way to the bone store??”

She also hates water, more specifically baths.  So to my surprise on one trip to a lake she just walked right in. From that point I realized she was much braver that I gave her credit for.  Still can’t get the girl to take a bath thought.

“Burr this is chilly”
I couldn’t imagine our lives without this wonderful little girl.

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  1. Gillian Colbert

    There’s something about that name, Bella. My own Pitbull, Bella, is a true diva, but she has the sunniest personality I’ve ever met. You just gotta love them. You can see her in all her grinning glory here


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