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Why, Don’t You Look Dapper!!

Months ago we came across this amazing company that makes handmade fabric collars. They’re bright, they’re strong, and they’re addicting! We LOVE our Sirius Republic collars. We love them so much the pups picked out their own collars and Santa brought them for Christmas.

Ever since then I’ve been following their facebook page, drooling over all the new prints and patterns. And this whole week one of our favorite blogs ever, Love and a Six-Foot Leash, has been giving teasers of a grand promotion in the works. We felt like it was Christmas all over again!!! Finally, this morning the BIG announcement was made. Sirius Republic is teaming up with the Austin, TX based rescue Love-A-Bull for a fundraiser. They specifically designed 10 patterns, that not only are 20% of the proceeds going to Love-A-Bull, but these new amazing prints are all named after Austin landmarks! So cool!! We dream of the day we can visit Austin. I actually almost moved there a few years back, that was before I met M.

While we LOVE our prints that we got, we’re very excited to be able to order a “change of clothes”

Bella here in her Chocolate Bones

Even Uncle Lance love the Sirius Republic collars!!

Old Man Lance living it up in his Ahoy Matey

 So hop on over to Love-A-Bull and Sirius Republic for all the details, and don’t forget to visit Love and a Six-Foot Leash for more fun!


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