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Monthly Archives: February 2012

We’ve been busy!

A while back I posted about how we had a couple projects brewing up over here in Adorabully land.  Well, I finally have time to explain one of the fun projects.  It all started with me standing in the isles of Ross, Marshalls, and various pet stores staring at dog bed.  Totally unsatisfied with the selection and the price.  So I decided I will make beds!! In my mind it seemed easy enough. Find some adorable, soft, comfy fabric and put it together and stuff it with something.  Off to the craft store I went.  Picked out some adorable prints to match each dogs personality and thought up a design concept. I got the idea to make a knotted style bed. Easy, no sew, and cute.
Knotting away
It was quick and easy and looked so adorable with the knots forming a trim.  Each of the beds had a coordinating, contrasting bottom so it could be flipped over and be a whole other look!
All Done!
Now we just have to try it out!
He likes it! He really likes it!
Feeling the thrill of success, I decided to make another one right away for Miss Bella.  Her kennel is a little smaller than Buddy’s so I tried to size her bed accordingly. 
Uh Oh, it’s a little small
Bella’s turned out a little smaller than I had hoped, but she still loved it all the same.  I made Devo one as well but for some reason didn’t get any post production photos.  I had stuffed Buddy’s and Devo’s with some foam sheet I had left from a previous craft project. Bella’s was just an old blanket and stuffing.  It was time to tuck them all in for the night and let them enjoy they’re new special beds.
Snug like a bug in a rug
I really should have taken more photos.  I really shouldn’t have stuffed the bed with foam.  I really should have done it differently.
At first when I came home that day after making the beds, I thought I would see three dogs all snuggled in their new bed.  Instead I came home to this. 
RIP Pirate Bed
But I convinced myself it was just Buddy who killed his bed.  The other two were fine.  Nothing to worry about.  He destroys everything anyway.  But then a few days later….
RIP Monkey Bed
I have learned that foam and dog beds do not mix.  I realized after that the foam is hard and when they dig to make a comfy spot, the foam doesn’t move with the bed.  Lesson learned.  I have since changed my bed making style and am currently trying out a couple different techniques.  I’m making some beds for some friend and will let them see how they hold up. Since I know my dogs can destroy anything, I wanted to see how other dogs fair.  I have currently finished 2 of 5 beds I’m making. I’m testing out some new fabrics, some new techniques and styles. 
2 down 3 to go!
Only time will tell how successful these beds are and if I can keep it up!

The looks of dog comfort

The way to judge the comfort level of a dog is by seeing their face literally melt away. 

Laying on Dad and getting belly rubs brings that melt factor to an all time high.


Ahhhh that’s the spot
And when you have flappy lips, they tend to get a little out of control.

I think they might fall off!

Now if us humans looked like this it may be a different story. 

Getting to know you (Part 3)

Finally the last chapter in introducing our pups to the world.  This one is a little more special to me.  Buddy is not only my baby boy, he is my life saver. 

I was first introduced to Buddy by a former person in my life.  This person had bought him from a family that owned a local business and their dog had puppies.  They got Buddy so they could have a friend, only this person had zero experience with a dog, never less a puppy.  Within a few days I got a phone call asking if I would take him.  They couldn’t handle all the work involved with a puppy. I said no right away.  I was living in a small townhouse with three cats and I didn’t like pit bulls at that time.  I wasn’t afraid of them, I was just unfamiliar and thought it was too much to take on. But when I saw his sweet tiny face I couldn’t say no.

The first day I met Buddy
I agreed to take him ONLY on a temporary basis.  I was going to contact a rescue to help me find him a good home.  I would “foster” him until it was all set to go.  Buddy’s owner agreed.  Next day I contacted the rescue and they agreed to find him a home but I needed to vet him first and send them pictures.  I was concerned about his health as he had this huge belly.  Brought him to our wonderful family vet and the confirmed he had worms.  We dewormed him and scheduled his vaccinations.  When that was done it was time to wait.  I figured I would spend my time with him housebreaking and training.  Buddy was amazing.  Such a fast learner!! The first couple nights I had him I slept on the floor near his create(in my room) so he could smell me there.  Otherwise he would just cry all night.  We started to bond. I didn’t want to bond with him.  But he was just this sweet adorable puppy.
Buddy and his chubby tummy
Finally the day came when the rescue called saying the had some potential adopters but they needed them to meet Buddy first.  All of a sudden I didn’t want to give Buddy away.  It didn’t help that Buddy’s original owner was pushing for me to keep him, along with my sister (roommate) and friends.  The only people who really wanted Buddy to go was my parents.  The did NOT want me to have a pit bull (now they love their grandpuppies so much). I spent a lot of time thinking about the choices.  I decided keeping Buddy was not only the best thing for him, but for me as well.  I was at a cross-road in my life and he was there to help me choose a path. 

Tweenager Buddy

 Everything I did was for him.  I enrolled him in puppy training classes, which he mastered! We would go on long walks every day, go to the dog park and play, and even started hiking together. He was growing into a very nice young man. Buddy and I were inseparable.  Without Buddy I wouldn’t have learned just how amazing pit bull type dogs are.  We’re not sure if Buddy is 100% pit bull.  We all think he is a lab mix.  His long muzzle and his affinity for balls.  But either way he opened my eyes to so many amazing things and so many amazing people. 
Doggie Adventures
Buddy is the sweetest, funniest, craziest, loving dog I’ve ever met.  There’s not a person or a ball he doesn’t love.  Buddy was my world and he is partially what brought M into that world.  Without Buddy I wouldn’t have ever wanted to date someone with a pit bull type dog, never less actually want to find someone who loved pit bulls.  When I saw photos of Bella and Devo I knew right away M was something special.  Eventually we let them all met and it went over so well. Devo was a little grumpy and jealous at times, but Bella and Buddy were like BFFs.  They still are today.  It’s so wonderful to think back on the way we all got here and how I wouldn’t change a thing. 
Me and Buddy

Sunny Saturday

We are so lucky to live in a part of the country without snow. While the summers are a bit toasty, we really wouldn’t trade it for snow.

So this lovely,warm, sunny, springlike Saturday we’re going to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine!


R.I.P Fluffy Beaver

With having 3 dogs home alone all day, we choose to kennel the two boys during the day.  Devo has been known in the past to mark things when left out all day and Buddy seems to get into more trouble than good when left out.  We leave Bella out during the day because she is typically very well-behaved and does have some mild kennel anxiety.  We let them all out to play when we get home, with our own little system, and rotate which of the boys stays out at night.

Snug like a bug in a rug

So to my surprise when arriving home from work last night, I was greeted by two wagging, happy faces. Both Buddy and Bella were hanging out. I knew that could only mean one thing…. a big mess for me to clean.  See, Buddy and Bella are BFF.  They love to hang out and play.  They can literally play together for hours, but usually in the end a toy gets destroyed.  So I began my house inspection.  Great, puddle of pee by the back door.  They’re all housebroken, but for some reason if Buddy is left out all day he’ll take a little pee break.  Then I walk into the living room to see the real fun.

Uh Oh!

It was a stuffed toy massacre!!! Poor little stuffed beaver that Bella and Devo loved so much!!! It didn’t stand a chance.  That photo only shows one corner of the living room.  The mess was quite extensive.  As I stare in the room the two dogs are standing next to me, wagging their tails with such pride.  They were so happy.  Needless to say, I spent a large chunk of my evening cleaning up fluff, which by the way isn’t so easy when strewn across the carpet. 
R.I.P Fluffy Beaver