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R.I.P Fluffy Beaver

With having 3 dogs home alone all day, we choose to kennel the two boys during the day.  Devo has been known in the past to mark things when left out all day and Buddy seems to get into more trouble than good when left out.  We leave Bella out during the day because she is typically very well-behaved and does have some mild kennel anxiety.  We let them all out to play when we get home, with our own little system, and rotate which of the boys stays out at night.

Snug like a bug in a rug

So to my surprise when arriving home from work last night, I was greeted by two wagging, happy faces. Both Buddy and Bella were hanging out. I knew that could only mean one thing…. a big mess for me to clean.  See, Buddy and Bella are BFF.  They love to hang out and play.  They can literally play together for hours, but usually in the end a toy gets destroyed.  So I began my house inspection.  Great, puddle of pee by the back door.  They’re all housebroken, but for some reason if Buddy is left out all day he’ll take a little pee break.  Then I walk into the living room to see the real fun.

Uh Oh!

It was a stuffed toy massacre!!! Poor little stuffed beaver that Bella and Devo loved so much!!! It didn’t stand a chance.  That photo only shows one corner of the living room.  The mess was quite extensive.  As I stare in the room the two dogs are standing next to me, wagging their tails with such pride.  They were so happy.  Needless to say, I spent a large chunk of my evening cleaning up fluff, which by the way isn’t so easy when strewn across the carpet. 
R.I.P Fluffy Beaver

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  1. Gillian Colbert

    I know this funeral all too well!

  2. What does poor little beaver look like now?


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