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Living with a couch hog

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Living with a couch hog can be hard.  There are times where I get up to grab a drink and return only to find my seating choices quite limited.  It happens in bed all the time, when we do on the rare occasion let a dog sleep with us.

Who is the culprit you ask???   Well none other than the beautiful little diva in our home.

Oh I'm sorry, were you sitting here??

Miss Bella loves a good snuggle with the best of us.  But sometimes her brother Devo just wants to join in on the love.  And they usually snuggle up quite well together. 


(Notice their beautiful new Sirius Republic collars)


But then there are times when the Diva just doesn’t want to share her our couch with her stinky brother.  So what’s a boy to do? 


I can fit anywhere!

Curl up into the tiniest little pocket-sized Devo ball and snuggle right in.


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