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My First Boy Love

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I have been an animal lover of as long as I can remember.  I would always pester my parents to let me get a pet.  I’d do reports on how I would take care of them, walk them, clean up after them, etc.  I tried so hard to let them get me a pet.  We had a dog and a cat previously when we lived back East, but once we moved out West we were petless.  I tried for years to convince them and then to my surprise, the summer before I started high school, they said yes.  I couldn’t believe it!! I was so excited and did searching online to figure out what breed we would get.  I dreamed of a small to medium-sized dog, fun to play with, and a great snuggler.  Then one Saturday morning I woke up and was told we’re taking a little drive down south to get a puppy.  I was so excited!!!  When I asked what kind of dog it was, I was shocked by the response.  We’re getting a Golden Retriever.  See there was this movie, I’m sure some of you have seen it, called Air Bud.  It’s about a basketball playing Golden.  Yup, Air Bud is the reason we got a Golden.  That and they’re amazing with families. 

So off we went on our 1 ½ hour drive to pick out some puppies.  I already knew it was going to be a boy but we were able to pick out which boy we wanted.  We arrive to the house and walk into a room in the back to see a pile of soft, fluffy, wiggly puppies.  I just wanted them all.  I jumped in the middle and let them lick all over me.  Now was the hard part, which one to take home.  I immediately saw this little dark one sitting in the corner away from the siblings.  I asked if that was a boy and they said yes.  Picked him up and knew he was the one.  Then the owners came and said, “oh no, you can’t have that one.”  I was so disappointed but continued to look.  There was this little light-colored one chewing on Dad’s shoelaces.  He had little light lines on his shoulders and was so fluffy.  We decided since he picked Dad we’d take him.  We packed him up in the car and headed on home. 

On the ride home we started to talk names.  We really hadn’t planned anything so we were trying to come up with something really great and original.  Now a little embarrassing background on me, at this point in my life I was obsessed with this little new up and coming band called N’SYNC.  Yes that is right, N’SYNC.  I had watched a behind the scenes special and remembered the member Lance talked about how the second he’s on the tour bus he passes out.  I looked down and our new puppy sound asleep in his crate.  They both had golden blonde hair and fell asleep in the car. I made the suggestion and it stuck.  His name would be Lance and it fit him perfectly. 

That summer was amazing.  I had a brand new puppy, I was starting high school, and life was good.  That summer my sister and I went to band camp for a week.  The last day your parents drive up to pick you up.  I was so happy to see my little fluffy puppy, yes even more than my parents.  I took him over to meet all my new friends, and of course all the boys I had crushes on.  Everyone loved Lance and Lance loved everyone.    This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

Stay tuned for the continuation of Lance’s legacy…


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