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He’s really gone

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I thought I was doing really well with Lance being gone.  I guess not having to “not” see him every day it really hadn’t sunk in.  I had to go down to my parents last night and I thought it was going to be fine.  It’ll just be a little different.  I walked in the door and see his bed is still laying behind the chair in the living room but not big fluffy Lance in it.  Ok, a little sad.  I walked in and said Hi.  My dad got up and went to grab something.  He handed me a paw print.  It was Lance’s paw print.  The vet ever so kindly sent them 4 prints of his paws.  I just about lost it. Even sitting here typing this I’m fighting back tears.  He’s really gone.  I’ll never see him again. Never sit in that black chair and have him run waddle up to be pet. Never have him lay under the table at my feet.  Never have him bug us at the big family meals for food.  I thanked my dad for sharing that print with me.  I’m going to print up a photo of my Lance and frame it all nice.  That way I can see him every day and remember all our wonderful moments together. 

My Old Man Lance's paw

I got in the car today (I am borrowing my Dad’s for the weekend) and while driving to work I look out my right window while doing a lane change and see his nose prints.  I just lost it.  I don’t want them to ever wash those away.  They’re his little marks on the world.  His little doggie nose art.  A week later and I feel the wounds are so fresh. I really do miss him.  I just hope wherever he his, he’s running chasing balls and chewing on bones.  That’s really what he loved more than anything.


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  1. Oh..this is just so sad. I think the hardest part is the not being there when they should be there. But it does sound like you have so many good memories.

  2. This made me cry.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. xxx

  4. Hello,
    We enjoy reading your blog and would like to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you are not familiar with the award or rules then see them here:

    Talk to you soon.

    Bella and DiDi


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