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Monthly Archives: April 2012

A Case of the Mondays

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I came downstairs this morning bright and early to go to work. It was Buddy’s night to sleep out on the couch. Well someone sure had the case of the Monday’s because he sure didn’t want to get out of “bed”.


Must be rough being a pup. As I was making my breakfast he eventually strolled into the kitchen to be let out. And took his sweet time outside smelling the warm air. Then came back in and went back to bed. What a life.


Learning to be Prepared

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I read many blogs related to pitbulls and dog ownership.  Many have posted information about what supplies they bring on their walks. Two Pitties in the City did a great post about preparing walking bags.  I did take tips and started to carry a bag with me as well.  But there was one piece of equipment I didn’t think we would need.  We mostly walk in our quiet neighborhood.  We almost never encounter another dog and if we do they’re usually on the other side of the street with their owner.  I do this on purpose to avoid any bad interactions.  So on the list when it mentioned bring a spray such, a citronella or bear spray, I figured I would never need that.

That was until this past Saturday afternoon.  Bella and I were on a little easy stroll around the neighborhood.  The weather was beautiful and we were just enjoying the fresh air.  As we were heading back home we took a side street back to the main road.  As we near a house with a garage door open I hear this door chime go off and before we knew it this large, black, fluffy dog came charging up on us.  I freaked out but Bella remained calm.  She sniffed quickly and I said enough and started to slowly back her away.  But this dog was not having that.  He pushed himself up underneath Bella. She just looked at me with these terrified eyes.  I screamed for the owner to come get their dog.  See Bella is not an instigator, but she will fight back. She has gotten into a few little scuffles with the boys when they get a little toy possessive.  I was terrified she was going to bite this dog out of fear.  I have nothing to stop it. This other dog didn’t even have a collar on.  I screamed again to come get their dog.  They finally came out and said they were sorry.  Bella and I walked back home.  I praised her for acting so well and I was so very thankful I wasn’t walking one of the boys.  They would have for sure started a fight on impact. 

This event made me realize that you can never be too prepared for even a quick stroll in your own neighborhood.  You can trust your dog but you can’t trust others. It’s terrifying to think that my dog could seriously be harmed or harm another when just on a walk.  From here on out I will have a bag fully prepared for every walk we go on.  Hopefully to be more prepared if an incident like this were to happen again.

We’re still here

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We are still here around the blogosphere.  Life has just been super busy as of late.  I took on an extra project for work that took up a huge chunk of my time outside of work.  That along with the holiday and other things going on I just hadn’t a moment to think.  I did manage to find time to take some adorable Easter photos of the pack, only to not be able to find my camera cord.  I will fix that problem ASAP.  Still working on the creation of the Explorabull group. Hope to have some more members joining us soon.  We did our own little “pack” walk with two of the dogs, in two separate groups, just to see how it feels. (before this we only would walk the dogs individually believe it or not).  It felt great being able to have two at once.  We can’t wait to get a real Explorabull group running.

Stay tuned this week. More great posts to come!!