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Summer Days

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These hot, long, sunny summer days have made us a bit lazy.  Once the thermometer hits the 100s every day people tend to hide away inside the ice cold AC.  We are included in this trend and sadly it has affected our blogging.  It can get quite mundane staying in until after dark.  Even the pups don’t enjoy going out in this weather.  The are out to potty then quickly begging to be let back in.  We’re lucky to have a nice shaded balcony that we sit out on in the mornings on the weekend but by 11am or so, it’s way too hot to stay out.

Enjoying the cool morning

 These longs days also result in lots of sunshine beaming through the windows.  With the air cranked high the dogs love to find the sunny spots in the house to toast up a bit. They’re also working on their tans for when we go to the lake.  Have to impress the ladies (and gents)

Devo’s getting his tan on

This is her “tough girl” look

But even with all the sunshine occasionally things can get a little boring around here.  We try to keep the dogs entertained with toys and kongs.  But sometimes Mom and Dad get a little bored and the pups have to suffer as a result.  There’s nothing like playing a little dress up to pass the day!! 

Hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze in a few summer time adventures up in the cooler mountains.  In the mean time our posts will be here and there.  But we’ll still be around and once those summer storms start and the weather cools down we’ll sure have many new stories to write about!


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  1. I love the headwrap! In all of our bandanas on dogs renditions, we have yet to try that one!


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