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It’s alive!! (still…)

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Remember back for Christmas when all the dogs got new collars and toys from Grandma Clause?

Well Buddy and Bella proceeded to slowly kill their toys. Buddy gutted his and played with the carcass for awhile and I think Bella’s was a causality of war (tug of war).


But that Devo, he sure knows how to take care of his stuffies. He carries his around with him every day. When I come home from work he greets me with it in his mouth making his adorable Chewy noises. And to our joy, even the squeaker is still intact.


Even when I went out and found him a new stuffie, he still prefers his good old orange one from grandma.



A Camping We Will Go

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This weekend M and I took the D boy camping for the first time this season. Devo was very excited he could hardly contain it.


Once we get all the photos and video uploaded we’ll post the whole story. It was a wonderful adventure!


Getting to Know You (Part 2)

To continue our series on letting you get to know the unique personalities of our pack, today we are going to introduce you to our Devo.  Where do we begin with this little guy??  He is special, very special, in that way that only a mother can love.  M got Devo as a tiny little puppy and by the time he was a few months old it became apparent that he wasn’t exactly what M thought he was.  He came with just a little extra skin and a lot of extra love.
“You’re talking about me?? Only say the good stuff”
We believe he is part Chinese Shar-Pei and Pit Bull, the vets have agreed but we aren’t for sure.  I think he could also be part Dog De Bordeaux.  I really want to do a DNA test but M says it doesn’t matter, we will love him all the same. 
Devo has some very unique, lets just say quirks.  He is the most stubborn dog I have ever met.  He his very small in stature and only weights about 60lbs but he is built like a tank.  The only way to get Devo to do what you want is with bribes of cookies, and even that doesn’t alway work. 

“I can’t hear you”
Case in point- we went on a camping trip and in the water Devo “caught” himself a “fish”.  This “fish” was his and he was going to be taking it home with him.  No matter what we could do, that “fish” was not coming out of his mouth.  So we caved and let him jump in the truck with all 3 ft of it.  He eventually dropped it and we snuck in into the bed of the truck.  He watched longingly from the window to make sure it did “swim” away. 

"Look Mom!!! I caught a BIG fish!!!"

This stubbornness comes with another side, demandingness.  When Devo wants love, he wants love.  And he will sit and stare at your with his huge golden brown eyes until you give in.  It’s usually not to long of a wait because he has the softest, velvet fur that is just so lovely to pet. 
“Won’t you pet me?”
Once you accept his pleas he will every so happily jump up for a good snuggle.  He is the best snuggler.  So warm and he snores, sometimes lightly, sometimes like a train.  Dad is his favorite though he will snuggle with me if I’m the only available option.
“I can just fit riiiiiight here”
Devo isn’t perfect.  He’s grumpy, old, a horrible leash walker, and just a little slow.  But we love him all the same.  He’s our work in progress, even though he’s the oldest of the bunch.  But he really can lighten anyone’s day with just one look.

"Who wouldn't love all this"


An Accidental Tail

I spent the first two nights after my surgery at my parents house.  The plan was to allow M to be able to work and keep the shop open and allow my mom to do nurse duties.  M would stop by after work every night after stopping at the house to let the dogs out and feed them.  On the second night I decided I missed my littles and wanted to come home.  After dinner we can back.  I was so excited to see my pups.  We let them out of their kennels one at a time since I couldn’t risk anyone jumping on me.

Last out was Devo.  He was so happy as usual, running around like a crazy man.  When he came over to me to say hi finally I noticed he had blood all over his back two legs.  I began to freak out.  What had happened to my little man???  M said he was fine before he had left.  So he told me to go sit down and he would investigate.  Of course the worried mother in me couldn’t just go sit down. So I start to inspect his kennel area.  The wall was covered in blood spots.  My first though, he broke a nail.  We had an issue once before while on vacation where he snapped a nail, but that is another story.  Nails checked, all ok.  So I grab a wet towel and start to wash down his legs.  No cuts, no scrapes.  Where was all this blood coming from???

We finally go to the last tip of Devo’s little body, his tail.  The tiniest little cut on the end was the cause of all this!  When he was wagging so happily he hit his legs and left the trail.  How do you take care of a cut on a tail?!?  We decided to try some gauze and sport wrap.  It worked for about 5 mins. 

Next we tried the pet skin spray, it’s like a glue spray.  Seemed to help. We taped a little piece of gauze on it and felt that was good for the night.  But in order to insure safe coverage I decided it was time to bring out the cone of shame. 

“Really, this thing again??”
Though not very happy about it, he obliged.  Took a little getting used to again.  Devo managed to crash into every wall, got stuck on the couch and almost knocked over my water from the coffee table. The plan was set.  It was good enough to last the night.  We would reassess in the morning. 
Morning came and with one wag of the tail, off came the bandage.  I had figured it had stopped bleeding by then so it should be fine.  One swap of his tail into the wall and I realized that wasn’t going to be the case.  I had to come up with something better.  I then remembered that I had bought some baby socks months ago when Bella was having some issues with her paws.  I had a spare left in the doggie box. I could just put the sock on his tail and tape it a little higher up.  It would both absorb any blood and protect it a little from knocking into things.  
The Magic Sock
He really didn’t seem to mind the sock on his tail.  In fact he didn’t even notice it.  We were able to take the cone of shame off and let him be.  I checked it later in the day and there was a tiny scab.  Finally I thought we were good to go.  A little while later and another thwap on the wall, it opened up again.  Who would have known such a tiny little cut could cause so much blood!! On went another sock, we kept this one on for a couple of days.  Devo and I both nursed our wounds together. After a few days his little cut is all healed.  No more magic sock on his tail.